Two days ago I got off work and watched the sun set from my surfboard on the water. Tonight I saw something I've never seen before: the breaking waves of the ocean looked like an aurora borealis. I guess it was some sort of algae that fluoresces with movement. You can only see it at night. There's no shortage of inspiration here, both musically and spiritually. The most notable has been the CD I received in the mail yesterday from Trances Arc. Good stuff indeed.
Clips from the new album are now up on the music page.
Well, we have added a 2nd and final show. The new CD titled "The Back of My Burning Hand" has 7 songs and has been mastered. It's currently in Canada undergoing pressing/produciton and we'll have it in 3 weeks. CD release show at the Highdive in Champaign is set for April 30th. This will be our last show, a "farewell" to CU and all of our fans. Hope to see you there.
Man, I made myself sick singing so much. I guess it's that you exert yourself so much. I don't know if the rest of the band ever knew, after a show, I was so much more tired out just from singing. So I've been sick, and my sinus cavities have been plugged making singing impossible. Every note is a throbbing headache. Every ounce of tone in my already-nasal Chicago accent is shot. You never realize (until it's gone) how much you really love singing. I really love it. I'll never be able to stop.
I have been working on new material lately, it's been fun recording it. Hopefully see you at a show sometime this semester... When it gets warm, we're definitely going to do another baseball game.
I have put up a hymn that we recorded on the music page. It's just Sarah and Ryan, and it was recorded as a gift to our friends Tobie & Anna Depauw who were married this summer. Ryan recently broke his arm hanging up on a frontside disaster in the deep end of the triple pool at Chicago's Montrose Harbor skatepark, but when it heals, he'll be finishing up Pneuma, one of the oldest ones in The Pitch library. Stay tuned.
We have tickets available for the Blindside show on July 7, and they're cheaper than getting 'em at the door. $8 in advance. E-mail me to get some, I'll send 'em or drop 'em off.
Well, we've added another show. We couldn't resist playing with one of the best bands ever to grace God's green earth: Blindside. Holy cow, I've been a huge fan for at least 6 years. Canopy Club, Urbana, IL, Wednesday, July 7, 2004, 8:30 p.m., 18+. See you there. -ryan
The debut enhanced CD from The Pitch is finally here. Available for $7, 8 tracks, 39 min. The title of the album is The Anger Swallow.
The CD is getting pressed in Vancouver, B.C., CAN right now and ship date is this weekend. That means we will have them in our hands, available for you next week..

Thanks to all the voters who helped out last night during the OpeningBands contest. We lost in one of the later rounds, but we had a great show planned for tonight anyway. Nargile was a blast! Check out this MP3 of the crowd participation yea!


We added our song, Minny on our music page for your downloading pleasure.

The latest news is that you can vote for The Pitch ONLY from 6-7p.m for the the 107.1 FM The Planet / contest. You must sign up for an account on 107.1 FM's website first.

We put a rough mix of A Match In My Hand on the Music page for you to download.

The recording is done and it has been sent to Nashville for mixing. Release date should be early January.
New Show Information!  The Pitch will be playing the Metro, Thursday, August 8th with Absinthe Blind, Air This Side of Caution, and Roscoe Plush. See the Shows page for more details.
The Pitch, in a state of remission and quandry, has taken upon their own breasts to venture into a death-process. We are recording this summer.
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us this weekend (the ISU Pitch Faithful rocked as always). Three shows in three days was a blast! Special thanks to Grant at UBC and the guys at Koin -- we owe you a pizza. Thanks to the good people at the Warehouse for their hospitality (and good cooking). And finally, thanks to Ward and the Cowboy Monkey crew for getting everything together on time as well as MASV for putting on a great show. Until next time...
New Website Updates! Check out the newly added Thanks page and Links page.

The Pitch was picked as one of Champaign's top 5 local bands in The Daily Illini's annual Campus Picks Selections this week. Thanks for voting for us!

The band is playing a number of shows over the next few weeks, including a show at the Canopy Club with Roscoe Plush, Saturday March 1. Go to the Shows page for more info.
Check out the newly added Merchandise section -- The Pitch T-shirts are now available!

We had a great time last night at The Canopy show! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us. A special thanks goes out to Steve Sobel for organizing the event. Check out and support the local music scene!

New Downloads! Go to the Music section and check out the movie of the band "Kairos 2002". In addition, the band's version of Springtime Sirens submitted for the Opening Bands contest back in December is now available to download as well as the full unedited version of Drving Home. Check it out.
Welcome to The Pitching Machine version 2.0. This site is under heavy construction so check back regularly for updates.
New Show Information -- The Pitch is headlining a show at The Canopy Club in Champaign on January 20! Kick off the new semester with The Pitch...and bring a friend. Check the Shows page for more details.
The Contest is Over. Go to the Music section and listen to what happened in the finals.
A Message from the band:
We would like to thank all of you out there who have been calling in every night and voting for us. We had a great time this week and had a lot of fun causing a stir in the local music scene. Without your support, none of this would have been possible. We would also like to thank everyone at The Planet and all the staff at for giving us the opportunity to have our music heard on the radio. Your dedication to the local music scene is incredible. And finally, congratulations goes out to Roscoe Plush -- you guys earned it! We had a lot of fun and look for us soon at a venue near you!

Thanks to you, The Pitch took out Blame Twilight to advance to the next round of action in 107.1 The Planet's Opening Band Contest. Go to the Music section and listen to all of Thursday night's action! Be sure to tune in Friday at 6:20 pm as the band faces off with Roscoe Plush. The winner will advance to the finals which take place that same night at 7:40 pm!