A note about the following links:
The following links are links that one or more, but not necessarily all of the band members think are relevant and important. We are a diverse group of individuals and these links in no way reflect the interests of all of the band members.
- The best source for all music information.
- Skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, etc. info and connection about demos, contests, parks, and everything.
- Champaign gone Chicago graduated rock.
- The best rock out of the southeast.
- Chicago, talent, passion, fun, friends, rock.
- formerly The Blind Pig from 1990 - 98, reopened at the original location in downtown Champaign.
The Warehouse - Charleston, IL finest place for a show and hang out
Theron Day Recording studio, mixing, mastering services on the east coast.

- local music store that wholeheartedly supports local bands.
- Men Against Sexual Violence, University of Illinois student organization
- Christian student organization at University of Illinois
Our favorite links, stooge maroon!